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WHY SolEnergy?


SolEnergy is a unique solar company. Our combined experience, knowledge and partnerships deliver reliable, renewable, power options to customers all over the World. Through our advanced product line, our partners, and our specialized team, we consistently exceed excellence standards commonly accepted in the industry. We painstakingly research and implement the latest and most advanced technology to our customer’s benefit. We deliver results > lower energy costs….


Our Scientists, Technicians & Installers


The best of breed in technicians. Not only do we provide the highest quality solar systems to our customers, so too, our installers are the best of their type; hand selected, highly trained. With SolEnergy, you can rely on us to provide the highest standard of quality and customer service when it comes to installing your solar system.


SolEnergy solar system installers are of the most qualified and professional installers of residential and commercial solar systems in the world. We train them to the highest standards in the industry. SolEnergy installers are constantly improving via training to ensure continuity, consistency and quality of installation to provide the level of excellence that SolEnergy is known for. Every Installation is finished with a review of the project with the customer to make sure the project is according to the customers’ expectations and they are thoroughly pleased.

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